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Central Plains Archaeology: Call for Papers

The Nebraska Association of Professional Archeologists and the Professional Archaeologists of Kansas are issuing a call for papers for the journal Central Plains Archaeology. Visit our journal page for more information!

22 thoughts on “Nebraska Archaeology!

  1. I am looking for information about the Adam Christ arrowhead displays in NE museums, He was my great uncle & I am curious about these as I have been told about them for many years. Any information, articles, or photos would be greatly appreciated as we have a family reunion coming up.
    Thank you for your time & assistance,
    Denise Ogden


  2. Hello Denise, Adam is my grandfather. His displays are in St. Patrick’s College in North Platte and at Wild Bill Museum. I might be able to obtain some pictures of his collection. My phone number is 360/957/2827.

    would like to know more about how the reunion went and when the next one is planned.

    Thanks, from a distant cousin, Jamie Christ


    • Hi Jamie,
      My name is Robert Bollish, Adam Christ was also my great uncle and I remember going down to his basement in North Platte when I was much younger and first seeing his collections. During the the summer of 2019, I visited the Lincoln County HISTORIC museum and the Mid-Plains Community College (MPCC) campuses in North Platte to got to see some of the collection. I attended the St. Patrick’s school system 1st-12th grades and go back for reunions in North Platte every five years. There isn’t a St. Pats College in North Platte, just the MPCC. My wife and I live in Austin, Texas.

      I guess we are distant cousins as well, Denise Ogden is my first cousin, her father is Leonard the oldest of John Christ children. John Christ (our grandfather) was the youngest of Adam Christ’s siblings. My mother was Regina Marie (Jean), John and his wife’s Goldie’s second born of four children.

      Just some additional information, parts of Adam Christ’s collections were on display in the “old” North Platte post office this was the original campus of MPCC. The collection was also on display in the North Platte Mall for a period of time. Adam would sit in a un-rented retail space of the mall with the collection some days and answer questions. He was a wealth of knowledge and really seems to enjoy the interaction with folks that stopped by.


  3. We have found a site in South Western Iowa: It has always been described as an Indian Burial Mound. It is very near Council Bluffs. Is there any one in the area that can verify this??


  4. I’m looking for information on the Iron Post or Tower Nebraska landing. This landing was on the Missouri River and is on the Nebraska side. It was an out post to Fort Randall and a landing that supplied O Neil Nebraska. Riverboats landed there and was a busy town until railways came. Any information is greatly appreciated especially about the riverboats landing there.

    Thank you Ted Green


  5. Hello I am an amateur Archaeologists out of Northwest Arkansas. I’ve worked with the Arkansas archaeological society on a undiscovered site I located and we surveyed and mapped it. I am a traveling salesman for broadband Internet and I’ve been stationed in Nebraska for a few months now… While in the Silver Creek an Nebraska Area I came across a very pristine artifact that from my opinion and others agree is late Paleolithic. I am staying in Crete NebraskaFor an extended time. Reaching out for like-minded individuals and even legitimate anthropologists/archaeologists. In hopes of working with them to possibly survey a newfound site.


  6. I have a stone (reddish color with white and or black flecks) large head of some type of Indian hatchet. I had it at the Archaeological Artifacts show at Seward NE last week. No one could tell me what it was. Can you guide me to the information I need – to have it identified.


  7. These are comments about the closing and lake shore stabilization of the Deep Water Area on the Nebraska side of Lewis and Clark Lake in NE Nebraska. A brief history of my involvement. When the lake was formed in the mid 50’s and we had to move up land. My family was part of the Mischke Hereford Ranch. About 1000acres of bottom farmland was covered with the lake. The area where my family lived became the Deep Water Recreational Area. This site has always been a very spiritual area for me. My Great Grandfather was a homesteader in the mid 1850’s at the pioneer town of Frankfort. This was the start of the Mischke Hereford Ranch. Starting in 1964 I watched the erosion of the cliffs as the wave action undercut the bank. I studied the three layers of bones that were present. the 2nd and 3rd layer of bones contained charcoal. The top layer had fire pits and once in a while human remains would erupt from the bank. Now this site has been closed to persons with handicaps. I have visited that sight since 1964 on a yearly basis even though I have lived in Wyoming since 1974. I have since heard the reason they finally stabilized the bank. The rumor I also heard was that they found some remains and reinterned them. The bluff was the site of the cemetery for the town of Frankfort, Ne. I have contacted the Corp of Engineers at Gavin’s Point, Omaha Dist and DC. I have not had any luck in attaining the sturdy that was done to justify the closing of the area nor the reasons for finally stabilizing the area. Maybe the Nebraska Dept of Archeology could help me in these efforts, Thank you


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