The Nebraska Association of Professional Archeologists (NAPA) was formed as a nonprofit organization in 1986 to promote the preservation and conservation of archeological sites in the state of Nebraska. It accomplishes this by:

  • Encouraging the preservation of Nebraska’s fragile and irreplaceable archeological record
  • Educating the public about the value and nature of the state’s archeological resources
  • Facilitating organized amateur archeological activities within the state
  • Advocating the interests of archeological site preservation to governmental and private entities
  • Promoting high standards of archeological research within the state and the dissemination of information resulting from archeological research

Toward these ends, the association engages in a variety of activities. It publishes the journal Central Plains Archeology, which contains technical articles of wide-ranging interest on the archeology of Nebraska and the surrounding region. It also publishes a newsletter to announce the association’s activities to its membership as well as to call their attention to other matters of current concern. A CD entitled Early Nebraska Archeology contains important manuscripts documenting the early archeology of Nebraska. From time to time, the association has testified before the state legislature on proposed legislation that would affect archeological resources, conducted public workshops on various archeological topics, co-sponsored volunteer excavations, guided tours of archeological sites in the state, and participated in the observance of Nebraska Archaeology Week. The association’s William Duncan Strong Memorial Award is given to individuals to honor contributions of lasting value to the knowledge, appreciation, and/or preservation of Nebraska’s archeological heritage.


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