Central Plains Archaeology

Call For Papers

NAPA and PAK are issuing a call for papers for the journal Central Plains Archaeology. Submission length may be anywhere from short articles to monographs. Submissions should be made via email as a Word document. Follow the American Antiquity style guide.

Inquiries and submissions should be directed to Editor Phil R. Geib. See contact information below.

Subscription / Membership
Central Plains Archaeology is published as a cooperative undertaking between the Nebraska Association of Professional Archeologists and the Professional Archaeologists of Kansas. Members of NAPA and PAK receive numbers of Central Plains Archaeology that are issued during their period of membership. Claims for non-receipt or damaged copies can be made within 90 days of the publication date for replacement.

cpaFor membership information contact:
NAPA Membership
History Nebraska
5050 N. 32nd St.
Lincoln, Nebraska 68504
e-mail: AJBarnettNAPA

CPA Back Issues

Notice to Authors
Central Plains Archaeology is a joint effort of the Nebraska Association of Professional Archeologists and the Professional Archaeologists of Kansas and publishes papers on the archaeology of the Central Plains area of North America.  Papers should be submitted for consideration to co-editors Erin Dempsey and Phil Geib via email or a file-sharing service.  Please contact the editors if you have questions or need assistance.

  • Manuscripts should be submitted as Microsoft Word documents. Use only basic, simple formatting in the text.
  • Provide an abstract of 150 words or less.
  • Keep endnotes to a minimum.
  • Set in-text citations in parentheses, using American Antiquity style.
  • List references alphabetically by author and chronologically by year, using American Antiquity style.
  • Except in citations or titles, include the extra “a” in “archaeo.”
  • Tables should be submitted as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
  • Place unedited figures and tables in a single electronic folder. Images should not be embedded in the text.  If a figure should look a particular way, please provide a mock-up in addition to the raw images.
  • Captions and table titles should be numbered sequentially and placed in text at the approximate location where you would like the image to be placed.
  • Acknowledgements are optional, but please provide them at the initial submission.
  • Upon submission, please note if special characters/glyphs are present in the text.
  • For specific style issues, follow the American Antiquity style guide (revised 2021): SAA StyleGuide.

Phil Geib
University of Nebraska – Lincoln
OLDH 841
Lincoln, NE 68588-0368
e-mail: pgeib2@unl.edu


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