Explore Archaeology at the Durham!


Have a future Archaeologist or Egyptologist in the making? Don’t miss the last two weeks of the Durham Museum’s Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science exhibit in Omaha! This exhibit, open until September 6th, allows visitors to learn about archaeology and the work of archaeologists, including how science changes over time as new techniques are developed and new information is uncovered. Visitors will have the chance to explore how mummies, artifacts and other material remains contribute to our scientific understanding of past cultures. Using hands-on challenges, authentic artifacts and guidance from archaeologists, Lost Egypt shows how modern science and technology can reveal the mysteries of Egypt, its culture and its people.

While Nebraska isn’t known for mummies or pyramids, archaeologists here use many of the same tools and techniques that an archaeologist in Egypt may use as they explore the past. This exhibit is a great way to begin celebrating Archaeology Month!

To learn more about the Lost Egypt exhibit and programming, visit the exhibit page at www.durhammuseum.org/experience/exhibits/!


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