5050 Building Tour – Home of the NSHS Archeology Division

One of the big headlines of Nebraska Archeology in 2015 was the relocation of the Archeology Offices and Collections of the Nebraska State Historical Society to a newly constructed facility in North Lincoln. This building, known as the ‘5050 Building’ because of its address at 5050 N. 32nd Street, is located approximately 5 minutes south of Interstate 80.


Exterior of the 5050 Building (NSHS Archeology and Archives)

As those familiar with the NSHS Archeology Division know, staff offices and lab space have been found at a several locations in recent years, including the 3rd floor of the Lincoln’s Children Museum, the 3rd floor of the Nebraska History Museum, and most recently near S. 14th and Old Cheney in a temporary space, as they awaited the completion of this newest facility. In addition, collections had previously been housed in a less than optimal environment not suitable for long-term storage. The new 5050 Building addresses these issues, providing permanent offices for staff, ample lab space, and modern collection storage facilities complete with compact storage shelving. The new building also includes a large collection storage space for the NSHS Government Records, which will be relocated from the K Street facility in Lincoln later this year, along with the office of the State Archivist.

The 5050 Building is open during regular state office hours. However, the doors remain locked throughout the week, so visits are best coordinated with Division Staff. Students and professional archeologists who would like to access divisional records and collections in the course of cultural resource management or scholarly research should contact Trisha Nelson at trisha.nelson@nebraska.gov. For more information, visit nebraskahistory.org!

Archeology Offices and Records


Entrance (with a nice display of available Central Plains Archaeology Journals!)

Conference Room

Conference Room


Staff Office


Library of Nebraska Archeology and History Resources

Archeological Site Form Alley

Nebraska Archeological Site Files

Volunteer or Intern Offices

Office Space for Volunteers and Interns

GIS Station

GIS and Research Station

Archeology Lab

Lab Overview

Overview of Lab

Comparative Collection

Comparative Fauna Collection

Flotation sink

Flotation Station

Loading Dock and Field Equipment Storage

Equipment Storage

Field Equipment Storage

Collections Storage


Compact Storage

Collections with Nolan

Row of Collections Storage (NAPA Secretary and Treasurer, Nolan Johnson, in background for scale)

Collections Space to Grow

Room for Future Growth

Archives Collections beyond

End of Archeology Collections, Beginning of Government Records



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